Why AskNora


I’m not sure why, but for some reason people do. Wherever I go, people turn to me and tell me some of their most personal of stories with a question mark. It’s not just my perception either; my husband nods his head with knowingness whenever I return from the grocery store, the library, or the playground with yet another encounter story. It’s true of acquaintances also, as well as family members and friends. It’s a strange attribute. And the strangest part is that I am so far from someone you would think has any answers at all. Almost every day I am left with 100 things undone and 100 questions about my own life that I am unable to answer.

This is not to say I know any or even most of the answers to these questions. This is only to say that people ask me things, random things and personal things, and I find it interesting.

Maybe there is something useful here, some way to take this into the world. So ask me stuff, if you want.